13 Sep 2009

Just a simple usage of command-line hacks that you couldn’t easily do otherwise:

I use pyTivoX to get movies from my computer to my Tivo. A rather weird thing that it does, though, is sort movies based on modification time rather than alphabetically. I was unable to build pyTivoX myself after a bit of effort, so I gave up on modifying it to sort properly and instead came up with this (very simple) hack:

cd ~/Movies
ls | sort > ~/movies.txt
while read movie; do
    echo $movie
    touch "$movie"
    sleep 1
done < ~/movies.txt
rm movies.txt

touch(1), of course, changes the last-modified field of a file without actually modifying file. This simply runs touch on each file in Movies in sorted order and gives the desired result that pyTivoX displays the movies alphabetically.