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  1. An End to WWW 09 Sep 2007

An End to WWW

09 Sep 2007

One of the problems I’ve always had with URLs is, well, they’re hard to say or hard to remember. Every domain name I’ve registered has had as its basic premise either ease of typing or memorability. I hate that my school (and work) TLD (top-level domain) is something as horridly long as “”, and I’m driven to tears every time I have to type in a subdomain of that TLD. I have even purchased domain names for some of the pages on that domain because I hate typing them out so much.

Anything that contributes to this madness drives me to insanity.

This is 2007. We have CNAMES and mod-rewrite and all sorts of fun things that help users with URLs. You do not need the “www” in front of a URL. It’s almost as absurd as the “http://”. There are occasional exceptions, but 99% of the time, the sites are set up to automatically redirect to the proper page, and the user never even sees it.

So please, do your users (and me) a favor, and stop advertising your site with the darn w-w-w…